Racism in the Sex Industry

March 19, 2017

Adult Entertainment remains one of the most controversial industries in the United States that few find social merit in being associated with in any regard. Even though this industry is one of the social taboos, it produces about US$15 billion per year in revenue. This industry is peppered with various fetishes to suit the taste of the consumer appetite.

However, besides the high revenues and eye-candy that comes from this industry, there are enormous social costs. According to many of the statistics from health and welfare agencies, a good percentage of the women and men within the industry had some sort of sexual or physical abuse throughout their childhood. The adult entertainment industry would of course deny many of the facts provided by the agencies that have to rehabilitate and care for those discarded after the fact.

The Internet provides a platform for many of the sexual fantasies come alive. These sexual interest covers a broad range of fetishes from bondage to humiliation and all points in between. However, due to the polarization of the nation since 2008 because of economic and even racial tensions, a few trends have intensified over the last four years. African-American and Latin women are appearing in more adult videos on many of the adult tube sites that involves humiliation based solely on race and ethnicity. There are a few particular sites that will remain nameless in order to avoid giving them unwarranted publicity openly exploits young African-American women in degrading fashion.

The most disturbing aspect of these sites is that the African-American women are particularly humiliated with over-tones of slavery to put it mildly. After enduring hours of the most uncomfortable of circumstances, it was apparent that these women signed contracts and knew very little about the humiliation and torture they would have to endure. In some cases the women were referred to by the N Word, spat upon directly in the face, forced to undertake forced violent oral copulation, probed with fingers in the mouth until vomiting into a dog-bowl and then forced to drink it. These are just some of the mentionable feats. The age range of these women seemed to be from 19 years of age up to age 50 and one thing that paralleled between all of them, they were shocked by the way they were treated and called. Almost all of them ended the videos in tears and ashamed.

The fundamental disconnect is that these women are taking on these risk by appearing in these videos for two basic reasons that is closely based on age. The younger women are usually lured due to the money and the potential of becoming a porn-star i.e. attention. The older women ranging from single mothers to ladies of the night do it for the money. Sadly, upon contacting a couple of the women that appeared in the videos, they left the whole adult entertainment scene for good. A lady in her 30’s told me that she did it for the money about US$1,300 in cash for a half-hour of work. She mentioned that the half-hour wound-up being almost two days and multiple Caucasian men. She mentioned that one man said “I’m gonna’ make you need a therapist you Nword”. Unlike the other women I chatted with she decided to get counseling and move on with her life.

One thing that I gathered from the conversation is that she did not realize how she compromised her dignity after watching the tape play-back. She asked me never to contact her again regarding the subject-matter. The other younger woman thought that it was love after coming from an abusive environment. Before I could contact her again, she changed or closed her email account.

In the United States there is freedom of expression and therefore as I write this article some young minority woman has fallen victim to this form of exploitation. It should be clear that these are not young dumb teenagers, but women motivated by emotional pain and a quest for attention and economic desire or need. It should be also noted that Filipina and Latin women are also exploited in this way.

There are some women that fully understand the circumstances and situations this lifestyle brings and therefore they rarely complain and criticize others who do. This does not make it right or acceptable, but just a means of justification. In many cases these women were hurt before going on camera and the humiliation they endure only complicates matters or justify the abuse they had received in the past.

The clean porn industry that tries to present a more conventional and packaged approach toward main-stream acceptance also find these enterprises as counter-productive toward their cause and rarely does it condone the aforementioned practices. The interesting reality is that this article began as a Google search and revealed an aspect of our society in this regard. Also, other ethnic women are treated according to the social stereo-types by these sleazy operators.

The only way to effectively to combat this problem will be an effort among communities and families to build the self-esteem of women to avoid the trap that leads to nothing more than another experience of exploitation. One interesting thing that I have noticed upon reading about many of these sites is that rarely is the same woman used more than twice due to the number of women waiting to participate in the practice.

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